26 generations from 1161 to the present.

Source: Annals of Newtown in Queens County, New York

Source: Historical Genealogy Of The LAWRENCE Family, From Their FirstLanding In This
Country, A.D. 1635, To The Present Date, July4th, 1858


Robert Lawrence Sr (I44365)
m. ?


Sir Robert Lawrence sr (12833)
b 1161 b Lancashire England
d. 1216 Ashton Hall, Lancashire England
m. ??


Sir Robert Lawrence (12829)
b. about 1180 Ashton Hall, Lancashire England
m. Unknown Trafford


Sir James Lawrence (12827)
b. about 1220 Ashton Hall, Lancashire England
m. Matilda De Washington (12828)



John Lawrence (12825)
b. about 1254 Ashton Hall, Lancashire England
m. Margaret Chesford (12826)



1st Squire of Ashton Sir Robert Lawrence Jr (12823)
b. about 1280 Ashton Hall, Lancashire England
m. Elizabeth Holt (12284)



3rd Squire of Ashton Sir Robert Lawrence III (1283)
b. about 1315 Ashton Hall, Lancashire England
m. Margaret Holden (12822)



4th Squire of Ashton Sir Robert Lawrence IV (12819)
b. 1385 Ashton Hall, Lancashire England
m. Amphilbus Longford  (12820)



Sir James Lawrence (12817)
b. 1428 Ashton Hall, Lancashire England
m. Eleanor Welles (12818)


Sir John Lawrence (12815)
b. 1450-1491 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
m Cicely Steward (12816)


William Lawrence  (12813)
b. 1481-1510 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
m. Margaret Kaye (12814)


William Lawrence (12809)
b. 1532 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
m. Katerine Beaumont (12812)


Issue of William Lawrence and Katherine Beaumont:
John Lawrence (12807)
b. 1560 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
m. Elizabeth Bull (12808)


Issue of John Lawrence and Elizabeth Bull
   Capt. Thomas Lawrence
   b. 1588/89 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
   m. Joan Antrobus (12801) 23 Oct. 1609


Issue of Capt. Thomas Lawrence 1589 and Joan Antrobus:
1618 John born in St. Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire, England
1623 William born in St. Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire, England
1625 Thomas born  in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, and died JUL 1703 in Newtown, L. I., NY.   He was a Patentee of Newtown, Long Island m. 9 Nov 1692 Mary FERGUSON (13495), Flushing,Queens

d. about 1703 Newtown LI, NY


Issue of Thomas Lawrence 1625 and Mary Fergusen:
1645 Thomas LAWRENCE b.  Abt 1645 Hell Gate, Newtown, Queens, NY
m. Francina Berry SMITH


Issue of Thomas of Hell Gate and Francina Smith:
16xx Thomas
1666 Isaac  m. Anna Squires and/or Eva Lancaster
16xx John
16xx Abraham
16xx Jacob


Issue of Isaac 1666 and Anna Squires or Eva Lancaster:
1687 Isaac b. 1687 or 1692
               m. widow ward (mary hoyt)
               m. ruth owen
1689 John b. 1689 or 1695
               m. unknown
1691 Jacob b. 1691 or 1694
1693 Mary b. 1693 or 1697


Issue of Isaac 1687 and Mary Hoyt:
1714 Mary
1717  Rachel

Issue of Isaac 1687 and Ruth Owens:
1724 Isaac  m. Keziah Pell
Issue of John 1689 and unknown mother:
1719 Isaac b. 1719-1720 in Eastchester m. Charity Fergussen

1725 John b. in Eastchester


Issue of Isaac 1724 and Keziah Pell:
n/a. this is a different branch of  Lawrences

Issue of  Isaac 1719  and Charity Fergussen:
1739 Eleanor
1741 Jane
1744 Isaac
1745 Thomas
1747 Sarah
1749 Mary
1751 John
1754 Joseph  b. Aug 15 1754 (Quaker) m. Dorothy Crawford
1756 Hannah
1758  Aaron
1759  Albert
1760  Daniel
1764 Joseph  b. Aug 15 1764 (Quaker) m. Dorothy Crawford


Issue of  Joseph 1754/1764  and Dorothy Crawford:
1796 Isaac resided in Greenburgh Westchester NY
     m. Rebecca Philips
1798 John resided in Yonkers NY m. Betsy Taylor Barton
1800 Silas resided in West Farms, Westchester
     m. Jane Purdy
     m. Eliza Crawford
1802  Hannah b. 1802  resided in Oyster Bay LI
     m. John Striker
1804 Daniel  b. 1804  resided in NYC
      m. Eliza Purdy 
1806  Enoch resided in NYC
      m. Eliza Vandervoort
m. Kate Shell
1808 Eliza Ann resided in Greenburgh, Westchester NY
     m. Vin Balcum 
1811  James resided in NYC
     m. Sarah Ann Weeks
1813  Sarah resided in Yonkers NY
     m. Jacob Varian a builder at Kingsbridge
1816. Esther resided in town of Kendall, NY
     m. William Mead
1818  Joseph b. 1818


Issue of  Daniel 1804  and Eliza Purdy:
1837  Furman Lawrence  inherited the Eastchester farm

Issue  of  Enoch 1806  and Eliza Vandervoort:
1828  Mary Jane 
       m. George Lawrence
1830  Benjamin
        m. Miss Clark
1832  Elizabeth Ann
            m. Charles Clark (Dr. Charles Hewlet, dentist)
1832  Joseph Crawford
1836 Andrew Wilson Lawrence (Quaker) Hastings on the Hudson
m. Ellen Virginia McCloskey (RC)

1838 Maggie
1840 Henrietta D.  m. William Jay (Dr. Jay Hewlet)
1842. Dorothy Rebecca 
1844 Isaac
1846 Enoch W.  m. Emma Pinkham


Issue of  Andrew Wilson Lawrence Sr. b. 1836  and Ellen Virginia McCloskey:
1855 Enoch Pink Lawrence  MD
                m. Mary Margaret Fuller

1857 Ellen Elizabeth (Cousin Nellie) 
            m. John Joseph Gorman (father of Rosemary Gorman)

1859  Dr. Andrew Wilson Lawrence Jr.  
              m. Rosemary Gorman

1861 Annie Idalene Lawrence 1861
             m. Augustine Theodore O'Donnell in Rosedale L.I.                     
1865 Virgina Augusta  Lawrence b. July 4, 1865
            m. Arthur Sylvester Somers Oct 31 1887

1867 Walter James Lawrence
            m. Esther Edith Williams    no children

1869. Hiram Van der Voort Lawrence
            m. Mary Keating

1872  Frederick Meltzer Lawrence
              m. Sarah Emma O'Donnell

1875 Florence Josephine Lawrence
          m. Thomas Francis Hearns Oct 31 1895
1879 Irving Sylvester Lawrence "Uncle Ivy"
            m. Ellen G."Nellie" Noonan


Issue of Enoch Pink Lawrence and Mary Margaret Fuller:
George James Lawrence, MD  m Olivia  J. Blaber

Issue of Nellie Lawrence and John Gorman:
1899 Marie Gorman  m. Martin McCormick

Issue of  Dr. Andrew Wilson Lawrence Jr. b. 1859 and Rosemary Gorman:
1897 Rosemary Geraldine  m.  Daniel Paul Murphy 
1899  Eleanor Virginia Lawrence  m.  Daniel Paul Murphy
1903 Dr. Andrew Wilson Lawrence III  m. Helen Veronica Evers
Note: my great-grandfather Arthur S. Somers (husband of Virginia Lawrence) was credited with having paid for Andrew's education at medical school. He  later became the doctor of my Uncle Ed and Aunt Valerie Somers when they were children. My Aunt Valerie remembers my grandmother saying that he was a very fine doctor.)  

Issue of Virgina Augusta  Lawrence b. 1865 and Arthur Sylvester Somers:
1895  Andrew Lawrence  nov 21 1895 m. Ruth Edna McCormick


Issue of George James Lawrence, MD and Olivia  J. Blaber:
1909 Julia Lawrence   m. Gustav Willemin  d. 2011
1910 Mary Lawrence m. Raymond Dunne  d. 2004
19---  George Lawrence  m. Virginia Stoehr 
19---  Oliver Lawrence  m. Dorothy Hewitt
19---  William Lawrence  m. Anne Lennon                      
19---  Louis Lawrence  m. F. Margery Shea                     
19---  Murtha Lawrence  m. Rosemary MacDowell                  
1922  Dr. Andrew Wilson Lawrence, Orthopedic surgeon at Huntington
Hospital  m. Coral Margaret Frey 

Issue of Marie Gorman and Martin McCormick:
1928 John Francis "Frank" McCormack  m. Virginia Cangero

Issue of Eleanor Virginia Lawrence and  Daniel Paul Murphy:  
  Eleanor Marie Murphy m. Christian Schratwieser

Issue of Dr. Andrew Wilson Lawrence III b. 1903 and Helen Veronica Evers:
1932 Andrew Wilson Lawrence IV   m. Frances Mary Meyer
1935 Thomas Evers Lawrence.  m. Joan Zaremba

Issue of  Andrew Lawrence  Somers and Ruth Edna McCormick:  
1919 Arthur S. Somers II
1920 Andree Maeve Somers
1924 Edward McCormick Somers
1932 Edna Valerie Somers
1936 Andrew Lawrence Somers Jr



Issue of Mary Lawrence and Raymond Dunne
   Raymond Dunne, Jr
        m. Anne O'Brien (4 kids)
        m. Barbara
   Jeanne Dunne
        m. Alfred Reid
   Kathleen Dunne
       m. Bob McCaffrey
       m. Bill Acheson
    Lorraine Dunne
       m. John Valenza
       m.  Ed Young

Issue of George Lawrence and Virginia Stoehr
    George Lawrence
    Edward Michael Lawrence
    Meredith Lawrence
    Paul Lawrence

Issue of Oliver Lawrence and Dorothy Hewitt
    James Lawrence
    Robert Lawrence
    Francis Lawrence
    Dorothy Lawrence
    Anne Lawrence
    Joseph Lawrence
    Olivia Lawrence

Issue of William Lawrence and Anne Lennon: 
  William Lawrence
  Andrew Lawrence ( of NYC ) m. Kathleen Lawrence
  George Lawrence
  Veronica Lawrence
  Thomas Lawrence

Issue of  Louis Lawrence and F. Margery Shea
  Alicia Lawrence
  Margaret Lawrence
  Louis Lawrence
  Christopher Lawrence
  Andrea Lawrence
  Maria Lawrence
  Loretta Lawrence

Issue of Murtha Lawrence and Rosemary MacDowell
  Claire Lawrence
  Rosemary Lawrence
  Sheilagh Lawrence
  Maura Lawrence
  Andrew Robert Lawrence
  Mary Lawrence
  Kevin Lawrence

Issue of Dr. Andrew Wilson Lawrence and Coral Margaret Frey:
1945 Andrew Lawrence ( of Long Island)
         Andrew  and his brother Carl have the law firm Lawrence and Lawrence
194x Peter Michael Lawrence m. Catherine Anderson
1950 Victoria Lawrence  m. Joseph Lucchini Attorney
1954 Barbara Jane Lawrence m. John Waschewieg
1956 Carl Matthew Lawrence  m. Charlotte Penza
1963 Patricia Mary Lawrence  m. Josh Krumholy Attorney

Issue of John Francis "Frank" McCormack and Virginia Cangero:
    John Blaise McCormack
    Marie Elizabeth McCormack

Issue of Eleanor Marie Murphy and Christian Schratwieser:
   Timothy Murpy Schratweiser

Issue of Andrew Wilson Lawrence IV b. 1932  and Frances Mary Meyer:
   Andrew Wilson Lawrence V b. 1954
   Barbara Ann Lawrence b. 1955
   Donald David Lawrence b. 1956
   Deborah Ann Lawrence
   Lisa Ann Lawrence
   Cathleen Ann Lawrence
   Patricia Ann Lawrence b. 1964
   Ann Marie Lawrence b. 1973
   Daniel Lawrence  b. 1978

Issue of  Arthur S. Somers and Alice Burlington:
  Pamela Somers
  Cynthia Somers
  Arthur S. Somers II
  Hilary Somers

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  1. I am desc. of Joseph and Dorothy 1764. Besides "Annals of Newtown" what are your sources. Esp. for gens. 18 - 22. Where did you find Dan & Eliza & son Furman. Look forward to hearing from you.